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Plant Identification Station

Plant identification is knowing plants by their official names

Why is plant identification so important?

  • It’s edifying to know the names of plants
  • You can look up more information about your plants once you know their names
  • Can talk about plants with other people
  • Learn how to take care of the plants
  • Can order more
  • Can ask for advice
  • Can do weeding
  • Can look up the pruning requirements
  • Can teach children and guests if they ask about your garden

Plant identification skills are critical to taking care of a garden, yet many apps fall short, with about a 2% accuracy.

What is Plant Identification Station?

  • Plant Identification Station is a potential future professional plant identification service from Rachel Freeman
  • Rachel either comes to your home or reviews pictures of plants you’ve sent her to identify your plants
  • Rachel would be available to make labels for plants at your home as an option

What can you do with plant identification?

With plant identification, a client and I were able to uncover and save ornamental plants in this abandoned garden and reorganize them, and add some new plants too! What will you be able to do with every plant on your property identified?

Examples of plant tags for sale:



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